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Welcome to Robin's Home Page

  • Google Gadgets
    Thelemic software components you can embed in your customized home page.
  • Shareware and Freeware
    Freeware and Shareware programs including Thelemic calendar programs, magical hours, and Gematria software and more...
  • Web Gematria
    Interactive Gematria database, including Hebrew, Greek, Enochian and English systems.
  • Local Thelemic Date
    Use your Zip code to automatically look up your longitude and Latitude, your local Thelemic date is calculated. Free form date input makes this the simplest Thelemic Date routine ever created.
  • The Book of the Law
    Including links to the scans of the handwritten manuscript and the Stele of Revealing.

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Things I'm interested in

Tai Chi Ch'uan

Kundalini Yoga

Leaping Laughter Lodge O.T.O.

Braden Lodge #168 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

Thelemapedia: the encyclopedia of Thelema, Magick, and Mysticism

More Light! More Love! More Freedom! More Joy!

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Q. Are you that guy robin@winternet.com?
A. That email address is now defunct but yes, that's me.

What's New

  • Ajax version of Web Gematria. Not a huge improvement but a step foward. Please report any problems.
  • New Version of MagiCalc! Improved Thelemic date software for Windows. Easy Zip look up and super fast.
  • Google Gadgets! Add Thelemic Date, Book of the Law, and Liber 65 to your Google home page.
  • New Web Thelemic Date page. Look up your specific Locale by Zip code. Free form date input.
  • Hebrew Web Gematria system improved. Now includes Unicode Hebrew instead of old font based system.
  • Hebrew HTML Code generators. Great for inserting Hebrew into Blogs and Wikis.
Do what thou wilt
shall be the whole of the Law
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