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New version v2.11 August 2013! Download this one!

Similar to Cal93, but rewritten to use the Swiss Astrological libraries. Because the program accesses the astrological routines via the included DLL and ephemeris, it is much faster than Cal93 and has the ability to easily look up your location based on your Zip code (US only.) New development will focus on this version of the program so if it meets your needs, consider using it. It will probably never include some of the more obscure features like a graphical zodiac wheel since it isn't using a separate astrological charting program.

Calendar 93

The classic original Thelemic Date program This is really quite a bit more than a Thelemic Date calculator, it is more of a full featured magicians calendar program giving you instant astrological charts, planetary hours, moon and sun transits and more.

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Thelemic Date and Planetary Hours

About the "Thelemic Date"

The Thelemic calendar counts years from 1904 e.v. (the year Liber AL was received). Each Thelemic year starts on Vernal Equinox of the year..

Rather than simply giving the year count from 1904, the Thelemic calendar uses a two-tiered system. The "upper" level gives a count of twenty-two year periods since 1904; the "lower" level gives the years since the start of the current twenty-two year period. Both are zero-based, with nonzero numbers being represented as upper and lower case Roman numerals, respectively. So, for example, the civil year 1996 is (after March 20) Thelemic year IViv (because 1904 + (4 * 22) + 4 equals 1996).

Some Thelemites assign the twenty-two years of each cycle to the twenty-two Trumps of the Tarot. The 22-year period numbers themselves are also assigned in this way. Hence, 1996 is doubly linked to Trump IV of the Tarot, the Emperor.

Within each year, dates and times are often expressed by the positions of Sun and Moon in the Tropical zodiac. For example, May 12, 1996 e.v. at 6pm PST would be expressed as "IViv, Sol 22 Taurus, Luna 29 Pisces." This specifies the precise date and time to within about two hours.

When giving dates in the civil calendar, Thelemites will often append "e.v." This is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "era vulgaris," or "common era."

-- Based on information from the U.S Grand Lodge O.T.O. web page and personal correspondence.

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