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Here are some notes and documentation on some of Cal93 features as well as some older versions you can download.

General Features

  1. Thelemic date
  2. Magical Hours
  3. Task bar integration.
  4. MS Word OLE insertion
  5. Complete Astrological data
  6. Planetary hours
  7. Sun and Moon rise zenith set nadir
  8. Use Locale Settings; automatically adjusts for daylight savings time and GMT offset using your computers operating system settings.
  9. Planetary Alarm

    Planetary Alarm

    How it works
    If the files exist the program plays:


    or if those don't exist it will play 'planet.wav' at the appropriate event. To use the program replace the word 'planet' in the actual WAV file names above with one or more of the following planet names depending on which events you want to be notified of on this list:


    For example if you create the following WAV files somehow and place them in the CAL93 folder the program will play the waves specified when the events occur. All venus events will play the same WAV and all mars events will play the mars.wav.

    The program ships with a set of WAV files which are meant as samples only, I haven’t had time to search out appropriate sounds for each event, so I just downloaded a bunch of random WAV files from the Internet and renamed them.

    Batch Mode

    Select File/Batch from Main Menu and you will be prompted for and input and output file name. Or to run cal93 from another program, execute it with two command line parameters.

    cal93.exe input.txt output.txt

    The format for the input text is a comma delimitted file:


    The format for the output text is a comma delimitted file:


    Info1 and 2 are simply passed along to help you figure out what you are talking about.

    Any string in the list that include spaces, commas or quotes must be contained in double quotes.

    Here is an example input.txt:

    "Bill Smith",Minneapolis,1/4/98,4:41PM,6,93W21,45N05
    "Mary Jones",Minneapolis,2/4/98,5:41PM,6,93W21,45N05
    "Betty Boop",Minneapolis,3/4/98,6:41PM,6,93W21,45N05
    "Howard Snarf",Minneapolis,4/4/98,7:41PM,6,93W21,45N05

    Here is the output produced:

    Bill Smith,Minneapolis,1/4/98,4:41PM,6,93W21,45N05,IVv,
    14° Capricorn, 5°Aries,Sunday,
    Mary Jones,Minneapolis,2/4/98,5:41PM,6,93W21,45N05,IVv,
    Betty Boop,Minneapolis,3/4/98,6:41PM,6,93W21,45N05,IVv,14° Pisces,10°Gemini,Wednesday,
    Howard Snarf,Minneapolis,4/4/98,7:41PM,6,93W21,45N05,IVvi,
    15° Aries,29°Cancer,Saturday,

    Additional Information

    When you launch the program it calculates the Thelemic date based on the current date. If you want to calculate a different date, simply enter it into the fields and hit enter. Use the right mouse or the menu options or toolbar to access the Windows clipboard. The Now button sets the date and time to the present moment and calculates the date.

    Planetary rise zenith set and nadir information is extracted from the calculations for your convienience and calculation of planetary hours.

    All the calculations are done by a seperate program called "Astrolog" which is free for personal use and freely available on the Internet. An installation of Astrolog is included when you installed the Cal93 program. See the readme files for more information on this fine program which you can also use for other astrological purposes directly from the command line, and by customizing ASTROLOG.DAT to your own preferences.

    You will need to determine your correct latitude and longitude and time zone in order for the program to come up with the correct calculations. For example the settings I use for where I live near Minneapolis Minnesota USA are:

    93W21 Longitude 45N05 Latitude Time Zone 6.


    • You can set Cal93 to use your local time zone and daylight savings time settings automatically? Check the System Locale Opions on the Option page.
    • If you run Cal93 with a command line option of x the program will run, place the Thelemic Date for that present time into the clipboard and exit immediately. The Setup program created such a Shortcut when you installed the program on your Desktop and Start Menu Called "Cal93 Fast Exit"
    • You expand the display of Cal93 to include multiple months at once. Clicking on any day visible calculates information for that date.
    • You can use Cal93 to calculate the Planetary Hours based on the number of Day and Night hours.
    • A complete astrological chart is generated each time you initiate the computations. You can view this information by selecting, View astrolog output.
    • You can set the program up to trigger the playing of WAV files at various astrological events. For example you could make the program play a certain sound at Sun Rise, Zenith, Set and Nadir.
    • If you are using the Alarm and you do not have a specific WAV file for a given planet's events such as sun_rises.wav, the program will play sun.wav as a default.
    • You can changes these tips by editing tips.txt in the Cal93 folder to say anything you want.
    • You can change the program to display a random verse from your favorite book or text by placing it in verses.txt and setting the proper checkbox on the Options page. The program comes preloaded with the verses from The Book of the Law.
    • Cal93 can be run in a batch mode using an input file of multiple calculations. You can use this feature if you wanted to call cal93 from another program application, such as a Database.
    • All the calculations in Cal93 are performed using the freeware program Astrolog. In many respects Cal93 is a Windows front end for the command line version of astrolog.
    • Astrolog us available in a native Windows version which you can download from the Astrolog Home page at http://www.astrolog.org

    Cal93 Extras

    Cal93 Wav Samples

    This is a set of WAV files for the planetary alarm feature. This is just a set of more or less random sounds I downloaded from the Net of animal sounds and renamed them according to the necssary scheme. I am including these as a fun sample of what could be done. Better would be a set of WAV files selected by hand to reflect relevant associations of the various events. This is a lot of work and as yet I have not attempted it. If anyone does PLEASE consider sharing your files as this would really enhance the program. It would for example be really neat to have WAV files of a human voice saying "The Sun has risen" "The Sun has set" etc.. for each event wouldn't it. Another neat idea would be to have selected musical passages play for each event. If anyone is interested in developing something like that I would really encourage it, and hope someday to offer sets of sounds here for sharing.

    Older versions

    Cal93 2.91b older version which includes 16bit DOS graphics libs for wheel displays.

    Download Cal93 2.91b

    An even older version

    Download real old Cal93